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"Chaville" pattern pack and variations

"Chaville" pattern pack and variations


The Chaville Pattern Pack and variations includes:

-The variations of the pattern 25cm x 25cm format . You can repeat them ad infinitum (to print on fabric for example).


-The variations in A3 format. On this format, the pattern is already repeated and can be used for printing on A3 format or less.



All files are in JPG, RGB color profile and in definition of at least 300 dpi (it's the best!).


Once purchased, you will receive a link to download the pack within 30 days.


If you prefer to have them printed directly on demand, you can go to the "Patterns" page.



Have fun and don't hesitate to send me a little photo once the pattern is printed :)

  • Intellectual property

    By purchasing and downloading this pattern, you agree to abide by intellectual property law. You can use it as you see wish for personal use (frame it, print it on a mug and offer it to your best friend...what else?).

    If you want to use it for marketing, send me a short email to get a quote and receive the files in the CMYK color profile, or in a format other than JPG =)

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